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Mañán Soc. Coop. It is a cooperative founded in 1989 that began its activity with 200 associates and a production of 500 tons of almond shell.

Currently, the company has grown to about 5,000 members and a cultivated area of nearly 50,000 ha. We are mainly engaged in the processing and marketing of nuts, mostly almond, although we have crops for vineyards producing table grapes and stone fruit, especially apricots and peaches.

Our partners grow and produce almond, and the cooperative processes, transforms and markets the product. The process ends when production is paid to the farmer. Necessary to be highlighted is the fact that this whole area, 8000 hectares are dedicated to organic crop production. These farms are spread virtually throughout the Mediterranean strip of Spanish territory, and all of them deliver their production to the cooperative for commercialization.


Organic & Ecologic production

Production of Organic Farming For years, in our company there is a strong presence of organic farming, which is increasing mainly due to the rising demand by the final consumer of organic almond. To meet with the greatest guarantee this crop, we have created a department to advise our producers on all matters concerning organic farming in order to be able to market their production. Production is carried out in accordance with existing regulations in Europe CE-Regulation 834 / 2007- this being controlled by different certifying entities depending on the production area.

Our cooperative is endorsed by prestigious organizations, such as the Committee on Agriculture of Valencia, as well as international agencies such as BIOSUISSE.


In Mañan Soc. Cop. we have the most modern and specialized machinery and instruments for processing almond and obtaining all its derivatives. We also have our own laboratory at our headquarters with, perfectly equipped and specialized in making all kinds of analytical tests, according to the existing regulations, in order to ensure the highest quality of our products.

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