Almond production

In Mañan Soc . Coop. our main area of activity revolves around the production of nuts, mostly almond, both conventional mode and ecological. The main almond varieties we produce and distribute are :



It is the most important commercial variety. This is not exactly a botanical variety, but a mixture of different varieties, characterized by its good taste and no bitter. There is a distinction between "Valencian Selection", which have undergone a rigorous selection process and are usually sold as commercial sizes; and "Owner Valencianas selection", which are normally used for industrial products: sheets , flour , granillo ...




It is certainly the "queen" of almonds, well known for its delicate flavor and sweet taste. It's an excelent variety for: roasted almonds, fried almond nougat, marzipan... excellent results in both taste and visual presentation.




Variety characterized by its elongated shape and its sweet taste, in Spain is used as a starter and toasted with skin; also it used to produce the typical dipped almonds with sugar or small chocolate bars.




"Bitter". This variety is a highly valued product for both cosmetic and pharmaceutical products; It has very limited availability. It is not used for direct consumption.


Packed product formats

We pack and distribute nationally and internationally our varieties of almond in the table below reflect our business formats.

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